Types of Dogs: 30 Top Ranked Dog Breeds Pictures 2023 (2024)

Who doesn’t love pets? They have become part and parcel of every household. Dogs are a popular choice of pets as they help us in many ways. Several breeds and types give us a good idea about what you want in a pet and what kind of pet is suitable for your family and lifestyle. The types of dogs and their utilization in several services will help you make a choice much more manageable! Here is a list of intelligent and friendly dogs with pictures.

Pets are seen in lots of families almost every part of the world, especially in the western part of the earth. Pets include a lot like dogs, cats etc. Dog helps people in many ways like herding, protection, military, hunting, and assisting apolice. Even it is called the best friend of man in the western world.

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30 List of All Kinds of Best Dogs Profile Names 2023:

Here we list out 30 Friendly and Intelligent types of dogs in the world and their names with images.

1. German Shepherd:

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German Shepard got originated from Germany. This is a new breed of dog that originated in the year 1899. These are called as working dogs that are developed for herding sheep. A German dog has a lot of strength, obedient, intelligent, and very well trained. It is called the second-most popular breed of dog in the United States and fourth-most popular in the United Kingdom.

The breed height starts at 60-65 cm for males, and for females, height was 55-60 cm. They mostly observe in tan/black and red/black. They have a double coat. The outer layer sheds all around, and the thick undercoat is very dense. The life span of the German Shepard is 10.5 years.

2. Bulldog:

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The country of origin of a bulldog is from England and the United Kingdom. Bulldogs are even called British Bulldog and English bulldog. The average life span of a bulldog is 07 to 10 years. They have tiny nasal cavities and are sensitive to heat. Its height is about 12-16 inches. The weight of males ranges from 53-55 pounds and females 49-51 pounds. These types of dogs are grown as pets. They need exercise, like other dogs.

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3. Golden Retriever:

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The golden retriever is originated from Scotland, United Kingdom, and England. It is very reliable, trustworthy, kind, and intelligent. Its height is for females varies from 55-57cm and male 58-61cm. Weight of male 29.5-34 kg and for females 25-32 kg. These are used as guide dogs. The life span is about 11-12 years.

4. Poodle:

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These are mostly seen in France and Germany. It is very active, alert, intelligent, faithful, and even trained. Height ranges from 35-45cm. It is a water type of dog. Poodles worn Best in the show in 1966 and 1982 and also awarded. These types of pet dogs are available in multiple colors. The life span is about 12-15 years.

5. Shih Tzu:

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It got originated in china. Other names are Chinese Lion Dog and Chrysanthemum Dog. They are litter in size up to 1-8. Weight for both females and males varies from 8.8-16 lbs. Height is also the same for both ranges from 7.9-11 inches. It is available in some colors like brindle red, gold, etc. These are playful, outgoing, loyal, and gentle. The life span of Shi is 10-16 years.

6. Pug Dog:

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These are originated in China, and when migrated to Europe in the sixteenth century, it was well popularized. It was developed as a passion by Queen Victoria in the 19th century. Likewise, it was passed to the royal family. These types of dogs are strong and aggressive and suitable to grow at houses. These have a lazy nature. Its height is 30cm. The life span is of 12-15 years.

7. English Mastiff:

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These dogs breed are originated from England. It is even called as Mastiff or Old English Ma tiff. Its coat is beautiful and smooth. These are calm, dignified, affectionate, courageous, and protective. Height varies between 70-91cm for both females and males. The weight of males is higher than females. The life span is about 10-12 years.

8. Border Collie:

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Border Collie is developed for herding livestock of sheep at boarders. These are acrobatic, energetic, athletic, and smart. These are well known as a Scottish sheepdog. Death occurs due to cancer, old age, and cerebral vascular afflictions. On average, the life span is of 13-16 years. Size of the male in height 48-56cm and weighs about 13.6-20.4kg. In terms of female height is 46-53cm, and weight is 12.2-19 kg.

9. English co*cker Spaniel:

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It was originated in England. Also known as co*cker spaniel. It even called by pet names like co*cker and co*cker spaniel. It is an active sporting dog with good-natured. co*ckers can be along with children, people, and other pets and dogs. This is not best suited for the backyard alone. Height varies between 38-43cm and in weight about 13-16 kg for the male. In female weight ranges between 12-15 kg and height of 36-41cm. The life span is of 12-15 years.

10. Pomeranian:

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Pomeranian is named after region Pomeranian in central Europe. It is also called as Deutscher Spitz. Pet names are pompom, pom, and tumbleweed. These became popular by royal owners since the 18th century. It is a breed dog of spitz type. It is in a petite size. Its height of about 20cm and mass of body ranges between 1.9-3.5 kg. This type of dog breed is very playful, active, intelligent, extroverted, sociable, and friendly. The life span is of 12-16 years.

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11. Australian Cattle Dog:

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As the name suggests, it got originated in Australia. It has multiple names like blue heeler, red heeler, cattle dog, and Queensland heeler. It weighs about 15-22 kg for both males and females. Height varies from 46-51cm for males and 43-48cm for females. It has a short and double coat. And It can be seen in blue and red varieties of colors. It is known as a “wash and wear” dog, and also groomed and trained. The life span is of 11.7 years.

12. Bull Terrier:

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It got originated from England. Other names are Bully Gladiator and English Bull Terrier. These are both independent and stubborn. Its height is 45-55cm and weighs 22-38 kg for the male. Its coat is short and dense. It is variable in multiple colors like white, fawn brindle and white, etc. These may injure or kill other pet animals. The life span of this dog lies in between 10-15 years.

13. Boston Terrier:

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Boston terrier got originated from the United States. Other names are Boston Bull, Boston Bull Terrier, Boxwood, and American Gentlemen. These are short and compact with a short tail and erect ears. These are ranked as the 23rd most popular pure-breed in the United States in 2012 and 2013. Its coat is quick, slick, and smooth. Its height is 9-15 inches, and litter size is about 1-6 puppies. Life span is of 11-13 Years.

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14. Chow Chow:

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This breed got originated in china and now known as “Fluffy Lion-dog.” Other names are Tang Quan and Dog of the Tang Quan. These dogs are found as guardians in front of Buddhist temples and places. These are mostly kept as pets. These are loyal, independent, quiet, and reserved. Its coat will be thick and coarse. Height is typical for both males and females that are 17- 20 inches. Weight for the male is 55-70 pounds and for females 45-60 pounds. Its litter size is 3-6. Life span varies from 9-15 years.

15. Newfoundland:

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Newfoundland got originated from England. It is a large working dog. These are found in black, brown, grey, and land seer. These dogs worked for fishers. These are well known for tremendous strength, giant size, and loyalty. Nicknames are Newf and Newfie. Height and weight for males are 75cm and 60-70 kg. Height and weight for females are 68cm and 45-55 kg. Its coat is thick and straight. The size of the litter is 4-12 pups. This dog type is available in all colors like brown, black and beige, etc. The life span is of 8-12 years.

16. Basset Hound:

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It got originated from France and Great Britain. This is a short-legged breed dog of the hound family. Its nicknames are basset and hush puppies. The weight of males is 55-75 pounds and females 45-65 pounds. The height of males is 12-15 inches and female 11-14 inches. Their sense works very well for a bloodhound. These are usually bicolours and tricolors. Its coat is smooth, close, and smooth. Litter size is 6-8 puppies. Life span is of about 11-12 years. These are devoted, tenacious, gentle, affectionate, and sweet-tempered.

17. English Springer Spaniel:

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English springer spaniel belongs to the family of Spaniel. It is used for flushing and retrieving game. It’s very a very affectionate, excitable breed. And It is very alert, active, intelligent, cheerful, and attentive. The weight of females is 18.1-22.7 kg, and the male weight is 20.4-25 kg. The height of a male is 48-56cm, and the female height is 46-51cm. The life span of this dog is 12-14 years.

18. Alaskan Malamute:

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It got originated from the United States Alaska. It is a large breed of domestic dog. Its haul is very freight because of this strength and endurance. The weight of the male is 55 kg, and the female is 38 kg. The height of the female is 61cm and male 70cm. Its coat is thicker and double coat with plush undercoat. It is generally seen in grey, sable, black, or red and white. The size of a litter is 4-10 puppies. The life span of this breed dog is up to 16 years.

19. St. Bernard:

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It got originated from Italy and Switzerland. Other names are St.Bernhardshund, Alpine Mastiff, and Bernhardiner. It has a nickname saint. The average weight of breed lies between 65-120 kg and height is 70-90 cm. The coat is smoother and rough. It is gentle, calm, and friendly. The life span is of about 8-10 years.

20. Miniature Schnauzer:

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This type of dog belongs to a small dog and got originated from Germany. Another name is Zwergschnauzer. Its weight is about 11-18 for males and 10-15 for females. Miniature Schnauzer height is 14 inches for a male and 13 inches for a female. Its coat is harsh and wiry when and stripped. It exists in black, silver, white, etc. Litter size is 3-8 pups. The life span is of 12-14 years.

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21. German Short Haired Pointer:

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This one is originated in Germany. It is a medium-sized type dog that was developed in the 19th century for hunting. And It has robust and sturdy legs that can hurry and turn quickly. It is bold, intelligent, cooperative, trainable, and affectionate. Its height is about 62-66cm for males and 58-63 for females. Weight for the female is 20.4-27.2 kg and 24.9-31Kg for males. The life span is of 12-14 years.

22. American Eskimo Dog:

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This dog got originated from Germany. It is a breed of comparison dog and family member of Spitz. It is a toy size dog type. Its height is 23-30 cm, and the mass of the dog is 2.7-4.5kg. It is reserved, alert, intelligent, protective, and friendly. The life span of this dog is 13-15 years.

23. Bernese Mountain Dog:

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This is called as German Berner Sennenund. It is a large-sized breed of dogs and very loyal, faithful, affectionate, and intelligent. Male height is 64-70cm, and the female height is 58-66cm. The weight of the female is 36-48kg and for male 39-50 kg. The size of the litter is 5-7 up to 15. The life span is of 7-8 years.

24. Airedale Terrier:

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It got originated from the United Kingdom. Other names are a waterside terrier, Bingley terrier. Its nicknames are Airedale and king of terriers. It is used for hunt otters, war dogs, police dogs, and guide dogs. The weight of the male is 50-60 pounds, and the female weight is 40-45 pounds. Its height is about 22-24 inches for a male and 22-23 inches for a female. Its coat is broken. The size of the litter is 9 cups. The life span is of 11.5 years.

25. Affenpinscher:

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This type of breed of the dog got originated from Germany. Its nicknames are affen, monkey dog, and affie. This Dog belongs to the 17th century. Smaller in size of about 12-13 inches and comes in fawn, grey, red, and also in black and tan color. It was created to remove rodents from stables, granaries, and kitchens. And It is playful, fun-loving, stubborn, curious, and active. Its height is about 23-30 cm. The life span is of 12-14 years.

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26 Beagle:

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This dog originates in the united kingdom, England, Great Britain. It is primarily bred to recognize scents proving to be a perfect hunting dog and enjoy the company of others. Lemon & White, White & tan, tricolor, chocolate & white, red & white are some colors in which you can find this dog. A beagle at the height of 13 inches and under weighs 20 pounds, and the dogs at 13-15 inches height weigh around 20-30 pounds. Beagle is a friendly, merry, and curious dog with a life expectancy of 10- 15 years.

27. Boxer:

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This dog originates from Germany and is also known as German boxer and Deutscher boxer. A short-haired breed that has a smooth coat tightly wrapped to the body is a boxer. The colors in which you can find this dog are fawn, brindle with a white underbelly and feet. The male boxer stands at the height of 23-25 inches, weighing 65-80 pounds. Female stands at the height of 21.5-23.5 inches, weighing 15 pounds less than its male counterpart. It is a bright, active, and fun-loving dog with a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

28. Rottweiler:

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This dog originates from Germany with nicknames like Rott, Rottie. There are very distinctive color markings on this dog and come in black, well-defined mahogany that doesn’t cover more than ten per cent of its body. The male Rottweiler stands at the height of 24-27 inches, weighing 95-135 pounds, and a female stands at the height of 22-25 inches weighing 80-100 pounds. It is popularly known for its loyal, loving, and confidant guardian nature. The life expectancy of this dog is 9-10 years.

29. Azawakh:

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This is a breed of hound that originates from West Africa that is of Afro-Asiatic type. The standard colors we can find these dogs are bright sand to dark brown, red, and brindle. Some people believe you can find them in several colors like blue fawn, red, blue, and black with several markings. Azawakh male stands at the height of 25-29 inches weighing 44-55 pounds, and females stand at 23.5-27.5 inches, weighing 33-44 pounds. The life expectancy of these dogs is 12-15 years.

30. Afghan Hound:

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As the name suggests, it originated from Afghanistan with a local name Tazi. An Afghan hound male stands at 27 inches, and female stands at 25 inches, weighing 50 to 60 pounds. The temperament of these dogs is mostly aloof and dignified, but it is also a fun-loving creature. They come in black, red, and cream colors. The life expectancy of the afghan hound is 12 to 15 years.

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Some Of The Prominent Dog Breeds Or Groups:

Here is a list of primary breeds or groups into which dogs can be divided into. Let us take a look at them.

1. Companion Dogs:

As the name suggests, these types of dogs adore the company of humans. The dogs in this group typically weigh 4 to 40 pounds and are tiny. Staying indoors and interacting with people is one of the favorite pastimes to the dogs in this breed, and they cannot stay alone for a long time. So of the very well-known companiond dogs in this breed are Affenpinscher, American Eskimo, Bulldog, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog.

2. Hybrid Dogs:

The crossing of two or more types of dogs results in Hybrid dogs. Though it is a genetic crossing, the resulting dogs have a change in size, look, and temperament. The basic idea is to take all the best features in all the dogs and to put it in a resulting hybrid dog though it is theoretical, and the results may vary. This is the reason they are also called designer dogs. For a family, dog hybrid is a perfect choice. Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Maltese Shih Tzu are some of the well known hybrid dogs.

3. Terrier Dogs:

Terrier is a Latin word meaning Earth; therefore, the dogs belonging to this breed are also known as earth dogs. They are very protective of their territory and are playful dogs that love getting into a dogfight. The terrier dogs come in all sizes and have a harsh and dense coat with a fashionable appearance. They have very little tolerance to other animals and strangers but can be trained in early stages, making them human-friendly. Adult supervision is compulsory until these dogs are properly trained. They are enthusiastic, independent, dominant, and fun to have around. Some of the well-known terrier dogs are American pit bull terrier, Bull terrier, Border terrier, Australian terrier.

4. Hound Dogs:

Hound dogs are typically hunter dogs that observe first and then chase with the help of scents. These are brilliant dogs that do not like to get ordered around, and even if they obey, they need a reason to follow that separates it from other breeds. These dogs come in diverse forms in their behavior and features that differ with the sounds each of them makes. Law-enforcement authorities have been using these breed dogs as they are very vigilant. They are an excellent choice for a pet as they are energetic, trusting, and reliable. Afghan hound, American English coonhound, Azawakh, are some of the notable hound dogs.

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5. Herding Dogs:

As the name suggests, these type of breed dogs is from a working group that is intelligent and vigilant that control groups and crowds of animals. They are perfect as watchdogs to look after people or properties as it is imbibed into their nature. Being very protective, you need to prepare yourself for a bite or two if you want to pet one. These are household dogs that grow over a foot tall and love paying attention to its owner and family. Some of the well-known herding dogs are Australian kelpie, Basque shepherd dog, an Australian shepherd.

6. Working Dogs:

Working dogs are the kind of dogs that adjust well in any environment and are reliable, big-sized, and courageous. They can survive low temperatures and are great companions with extra-large size. They are used for many purposes, such as water rescues, watching, and hunting. Proper training is necessary initially though they are family dogs. They are best suited for large families where these dogs are engaged in endless activities. They are not very friendly with strangers, especially kids. Akita, Alaskan malamute, Bernese mountain, Black Russian terrier are some distinguished working dogs.

7. Sporting Dogs:

The sporting dogs help hunting dogs with their chasing. Therapy, rescue, and assistance are some of the prominent features of these dogs. These dogs can be trained easily as they love sports activities, friendly, and are attached to people. Though these are family dogs, training beforehand is necessary before you adopt a sporting dog. The coat on them is thick and curly, which helps them avoid getting hurt. It also rescues and guides other dogs in adverse weather conditions. Some of the well-known sporting dogs are American water spaniel, Barbet, Brittany, Bracco Italiano.

8. Non-Sporting:

Non-sporting dogs are some of the diverse group of dogs that are categorized into this group as they don’t fit into any other category. Therefore this breed has a variety of dogs whose personality and characteristics do not match. They come in all shapes and sizes, making them unique and beautiful in their way. American Eskimo, Bichon fries, Boston terrier, Bulldog are some of the examples for non-sporting dogs.

9. Toy Dogs:

As the name suggests that these breed of dogs represent a smaller version of a giant breed dog. They are best suited as lap dogs as they are small in size and are great companions for people. Being a family breed of dogs, they enjoy moving around the apartment or house, tripping, walking, and are attention seekers. If you have kids at home, then toy dogs are perfect, as they do not need any training beforehand. If you are a first-time dog owner, these work very well as they are quick learners. Some of the well-known toy dogs are Affenpinscher, Brussels griffon, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Chihuahua.

10. Mixed Breed Dogs:

The breeding process in which one type of pure-bred dog is mixed with another breed results in a crossbreed or mixed breed dogs. This process combines all the notable properties of both the breeds. Although they have a predictable nature and temperament, these mixed-breed dogs tend to have behavioural issues. This process gives the dog owner a choice to choose the breed that will be suitable for the family and lifestyle. They tend to have a healthier and longer lifespan. Some of the most known mixed breed dogs are Labradoodle, Peekapoo, Schnoodle, Yorkipoo, Maltipoo.

With the list of the types of dogs and the breeds into which they are divided, you can easily pick one that can be your pet. The details the article provides you will make it easier to make a choice. Who doesn’t love a pet! Now pick one and let us know how you enjoy your time with your pet. If you have any more doubts, let us know so that we can help you more.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Which dogs are used by the police forces?

Ans: German shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Bloodhound, retriever breeds, and Dutch shepherd are the popular dogs used by law enforcement. Due to their intense focus and drive, Belgian Malinois has become the first choice for military and police work.

Q2. Why do dogs howl?

Ans: Coyotes and wolves are not the only animals that can howl. Dogs of all sizes howl, and there are different reasons why they do so. Fear, pain, drawing attention to themselves, in response to other sounds or medical concerns, can be some of the reasons why a dog howls.

Q3. Which is the most dangerous breed of dogs?

Ans: The dogs that are most aggressive to other animals and humans are known as a dangerous breed of dogs. Some of those include Akitas, German shepherd, Jack Russell terriers, Australian cattle dogs, and pit bulls are aggressive towards other dogs, and Doberman pinschers, German shepherd, Australian shepherd, and Australian cattle dogs are aggressive towards strangers.


The information provided in this article are just suggestions, and it is in no way a final choice. The article or the website is not responsible for the decision you make regarding the type of dogs you want to pet.

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