15 Recipes Inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines' Restaurant (2024)

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15 Recipes Inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines' Restaurant (1)Amanda TarltonUpdated: Feb. 13, 2024

    Everyone's favorite HGTV couple just opened a restaurant. But even if you don't live in Texas, you can still enjoy some of Chip and Joanna Gaines' favorite foods from their menu.


    15 Recipes Inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines' Restaurant (2)

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    Thanks to Fixer Upper, we’ve all fallen in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines. It turns out the duo is good at more than renovating homes–they love to cook, too. The couple recently opened Magnolia Table, an amazing restaurant in Waco, Texas. Use our copycat recipes to create their classic Southern food in your kitchen!


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    Avocado Toast

    Chip actually hates this trendy toast! He even put a poll on the restaurant’s sign that said “Avocado toast? Honk once for yes, twice for no.” It’s on the Magnolia Table menu, so Joanna must’ve won out.

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    Southern Pimiento Cheese Spread

    A classic southern comfort food, this spread is used as an appetizer with crackers, corn chips or celery. It is also smeared between two slices of white bread for sandwiches and as a topping for hamburgers and hot dogs. —Eileen Balmer, South Bend, Indiana.

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    Taste of Home

    Mom's Buttermilk Biscuits

    These fluffy buttermilk biscuits are so tasty slathered with butter or used to mop up every last drop of gravy off your plate. I can still see Mom pulling these tender gems out of the oven. —Vera Reid, Laramie, Wyoming

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    Taste of Home

    Aunt Frances' Lemonade

    My sister and I spent a week each summer with our Aunt Frances, who always had this thirst-quenching lemonade in a stoneware crock in her refrigerator. It makes a refreshing drink after a hot day of running around. —Debbie Reinhart, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

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    Taste of Home

    Apple Cider Doughnuts

    Apple doughnuts remind me of family trips to South Dakota. We’d stop at Wall Drug for a dozen or so before camping in the Badlands. Maple glaze was and still is my favorite. Share a batch with friends and family who appreciate a hot, fresh apple cider doughnut. —Melissa Hansen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    Taste of Home

    Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

    When our son, Chris, wants something other than cold cereal in the morning, he whips up these eggs. Cheese and evaporated milk make them especially good. They're easy to make when you're camping, too. —Chris Pfleghaar, Elk River, Minnesota

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    TMB Studio

    Papa Burger

    When whipping up something for Father’s Day or the Fourth of July, I go big and tall with this fully loaded, juicy yumburger. —Chase Bailey, Costa Mesa, California

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    Taste of Home

    Bacon-Cheddar Deviled Eggs

    I created this recipe a few years ago when I was craving something different to do with hard-boiled eggs. Three of my favorite foods—bacon, eggs and cheese—come together in these deviled eggs. They're my go-to party snack. —Laura LeMay, Deerfield Beach, Florida

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    Taste of Home

    The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

    These gooey grilled cheese sandwiches taste great for lunch with sliced apples. And they're really fast to whip up, too. Here's how to make grilled cheese the right way. —Kathy Norris, Streator, Illinois

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    Loaded Tater Tots

    Playing with food is loads of fun when you have loaded Tater Tots. Let kids build their own for smiles all around. —Eleanor Mielke, Mitchell, South Dakota

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    Buttermilk Pancakes

    You just can't beat a basic buttermilk pancake for a down-home country breakfast. Paired with sausage and fresh fruit, these pancakes are just like the ones you get at Cracker Barrel. —Betty Abrey, Imperial, Saskatchewan

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    Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

    Lemon is Jo’s favorite flavor. Since she loves to bake, she incorporates the citrusy fruit in a lot of her goodies from Silos Baking Co., like lemon poppy seed bread that’s served as part of a fresh bread basket. You can easily follow in her footsteps!

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    Taste of Home

    The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Everyone has a favorite type of chocolate chip cookie—a little crispy, a little chewy—but they all have to begin with a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is the best place to start! —Megumi Garcia, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    This is one of Joanna’s favorite foods–here are the others!


    Taste of Home

    Dream Cupcakes

    My grandchildren absolutely love these cream-filled cupcakes, and I hope the chocolaty treats become a favorite in your home as well. —Dorothy Bahlmann, Clarksville, Iowa

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    Originally Published: June 19, 2019

    15 Recipes Inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines' Restaurant (17)

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    15 Recipes Inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines' Restaurant (2024)
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